…regains his sense of smell using [psilocybe] mushrooms

After the third ceremony, Nevo suddenly noticed his sense of smell had returned to a degree, but not completely. He continued taking the dose of psilocybin in a ceremonial setting with guidance and support, and was amazed when his sense of smell was fully restored.

“I had 12 broken ribs, a smashed hip, a broken bone in my leg, and my head was crushed,” said Nevo. But within just weeks, he was on the mend—save for just one, key element. “My recovery was quite good because my body was clean and healthy, but I had some issues,” he said. “One of them was losing my sense of smell. The doctors didn’t know what to do about it, and more than two years passed before I recovered it. Up until that point the doctors told me the chances of it returning were almost zero percent.”

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Man magically regains his sense of smell using psilocybin mushrooms
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