Jeff Sessions vs. the People

Jeff Sessions decided that perpetuating fraudulent prohibition of cannabis was not enough. Recently, he personally enabled production and sales of one of the most powerful and toxic synthetic cannabinoids ever invented [SYNDROS]. It was made by a ‘corporate person’ [INSYS] now under indictment for fraud and harming unwitting victims with one of the most powerful opioid toxins ever invented [SUBSYS]. That makes Sessions our biggest official Drug Pusher, the commander of the Drug War against the Constitution and us, the people. After executing Sessions, the fraudsters running the DEA should be next in line.  FURTHER RESEARCH

After rethinking the problem for the last few weeks, I now agree with President Trump. America’s dangerous drug dealers should be executed. I offer several recommendations on the most effective course of action… After executing Sessions, the fraudsters running the DEA should be next in line. Then the US Army can start eliminating the co-conspirators in Congress and state governments. Am I joking, being facetious? Not at all. Treason is the most serious capital crime in the USA, and Sessions, the DEA and all the lawyers elected or appointed to protect us, and our Constitution, are all guilty of it. Is the death sentence too extreme in this case?  Consider the gravity, scope and scale of the crimes and the potentials of the ongoing consequences … Using obscenely profitable drugs, lies, fraudulent laws and violent police state tactics makes it much easier to maintain tyranny, hidden in plain sight, ensuring easier, more profitable exploitation of the ignorant victims, no matter how devastating the consequences. Hence, any American lawyer, judge or politician, with any knowledge of law, political science and history, who upheld or upholds the Drug War is guilty of fraud upon the courts (state and federal), fraudulent conspiracy and against the states and the people of the USA (under the color of law), and of treason, committed in conspiracy with our enemies. They are enemies of us, our governments, justice and our Constitution, “the Supreme Law of the Land”. Really? Yes, our national Constitution, and all valid laws under it, are meant to safeguard and prosper our lives and liberties, our general well-being and our peaceful cultural activity. Any law that counteracts that purpose and contradicts the basic intent of the Constitution is totally illegal, invalid and unjust. Prohibition and Drug War are an all out war against all of that, against us and against nature. Government officials with a law degree or an oath — to uphold and protect us and our Constitution — have no legal excuse for not doing so. While failing us, they aid and enrich the enemies of law, justice, peace, general prosperity and the wellness of all Americans of all generations … since the Drug War is clearly a War Against the People of the USA and allied nations, the perpetrators, co-conspirators and agents involved are not only guilty of treason, but also of countless war crimes. Thus, the only way to end the damage and effect some reparation and restoration of national integrity is enforcement of the law, with arrests, seizure of assets, prosecution, conviction, sentencing and capital punishment — either by firing squads, banishment, or imprisonment for life, in servitude. That would restore the rule of law, good government and prosperity in the United States of America, and probably elsewhere. Otherwise, we will see further erosion of our general quality of life, nationally and globally … Recall that there is no statute of limitation or political immunity for ongoing felony fraud, also that there is no felony more serious than treason. The definition of treason here in the USA is “high crimes and misdemeanors” committed against us, the people, and/or against our national Constitution. The time for [tip-toeing], denial, and ineffective half-measures never existed. It is now time to support “the law of the land” (our Constitution) and justice, bringing the guilty to trial and punishment for their high crimes and misdemeanors or, at the very least, to let them know that they are under threat of arrest, trial and punishment for the most serious crime in the USA, treason. 

Original Article: Jeff Sessions vs. the People
Published by: Michael Lucas Monterey & ‘Friends of The Court’
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*Disclaimer : Michael Monterey’s political views are independent and his own, and not those of does not advocate any form of violence, but a harm-reduction and healthy integration model.




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