The first psychedelic mushroom conference was a mushroom school for the serious

The convention ran like any hotel seminar on its given subject. In this case, the subject covered the legal, scientific and medicinal benefits and challenges of possessing and taking psilocybin mushrooms, with experts giving extensive talks on their experiences and findings about the psychoactive fungi.

Advocate Cooper Read, who volunteers with the medical psychedelic support group the Zendo Project, says he left his career as a surgical technician to dedicate his life to bettering himself and spreading the good word about the medicinal uses for psychedelic mushrooms. “I was wanting more and trying to find a way out of my current situation,” Read says. “I was in an ailing marriage and just a stagnant job. I was a surgical technician, and I was good at my job. I just knew I was capable of a lot more. It came to a point where I was doing a lot of self-development. I started meditation and eating right and taking care of my body nutritionally, and I finally had had enough and I wanted to experiment with my reality.”

Original Article (Dallas Observer):
The First Psychedelic Mushroom Con Was a ’Shroom School for the Serious
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