Compass Pathways… a psychedelic monopoly

COMPASS patent… compared to proprietary insulin formulations and asthma inhalers created to increase corporate profits… will share similar issues to “big pharma, big tech, big ag [agriculture], and other monopoly-heavy industries.”

COMPASS’s attempt to dismiss the dispute against their patent… “Although Patent Owner does not address the substance of Petitioner’s challenge, after considering the arguments and evidence presented in the Petition, we find Petitioner has failed to show sufficiently that the combination of references teaches or suggests each limitation of claim 1 [of COMPASS’s patent].” “I’d like to believe that the investment and attention that come with patents can help accelerate broader awareness, access, and acceptance of psychedelics, and that this will both broaden the space for what already exists, and open a new space for innovations… but I do worry that ideal ‘everyone wins’ scenarios get defeated in practice by people and companies who…put profits over humanity. Patents are inherently monopolies, and monopolies inherently lead to imbalances and inequalities.”

Original Article (Psymposia):
As COMPASS Pathways continues its attempts to build a psychedelic monopoly, Usona Institute keeps publishing open research
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