Taking LSD for breakfast ‘helps you beat your Facebook addiction’

A growing movement of people are ‘microdosing’ LSD in the morning – taking 10-15 micrograms, instead of the larger doses used for drug trips – and claim that it can cure anxiety and insomnia.

‘Like many people, I often find myself scrolling aimlessly through Facebook when I tell myself I’m too tired for anything else. But that day, I stayed away from it almost completely. ‘I didn’t really want to go online much the next day either. I rode the bus around town a lot. Instead of sinking into my own private digital mindset, I was aware that we, careless Baltimoreans, were all in the same boat as we stood around waiting for the ever-elusive next bus. I felt we were all in this together, and often ended up in actual conversations rather than virtual ones. ‘I didn’t avoid the internet entirely. I could still go online and do the tweeting and email I needed to do for work, but it wasn’t compulsive. I could take it or leave it. It felt great.’ ‘When I dosed again, my addiction vanished again. For another three days I felt no desire for online stimulation.’

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Taking LSD for breakfast ‘helps you beat your Facebook addiction’
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