The advantages of psychedelic prohibition

She’s walking away from the above-ground therapy world… she let her designation as a “therapist” from… Department of Regulatory Agencies lapse.

It was a deliberate renunciation, a conscious break. She doesn’t agree with the state’s regulations for therapists, believing they’re too restrictive and can actually interfere with her ability to support her clients- and, among psychedelic practitioners, she’s not alone. Those rules bar therapists from using touch with their clients, and prevent clients from being friends with or part of the same social circle as their therapist. This state-set boundary, Lilith believes, artificially cuts people off from each other. “I really value relationship as a major healing component,” Lilith says… to be clear, these guides don’t want the Drug War to persist. Using psychedelics or any drug, they say, should not be a crime. If psychedelic guiding is going to be legal, however, these guides would rather the rules be made by someone other than, say, the DEA, which has barred cannabis use completely for decades, medical bureaucrats who prescribed too many opioids, or the new psychedelic companies who might try to cut corners to make money…

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The advantages of psychedelic prohibition
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