While hearing case, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan waxes nostalgic about weed at parties

Important to the case is whether the partiers knew or should have known they were trespassing on the property, a brick duplex in what attorneys said was a low-income neighborhood in northeast Washington. The partiers contend they thought they were [the host’s] guests.

Justice Elena Kagan tapped her own experience in assessing the situation. “There are these parties that, once long ago, I used to be invited to where you didn’t … know the host, but you know Joe is having a party. And I can say that long, long ago, marijuana was maybe present at those parties?” she said. Kagan expressed skepticism that police were right to arrest the partygoers, as did Justice Sonia Sotomayor. “Twenty-one people en masse arrested for trespassing for going to a party. Does that feel right?” Sotomayor asked Todd S. Kim, the lawyer representing the District of Columbia and its police officers. She later added: “If police officers arrived at a wealthy home and it was white teenagers having a party … I doubt very much those kids would be arrested.”

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California Officially Calls On Feds To Reclassify Marijuana
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