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At this very moment, a California company called Psilouette will mail you psilocybin teas and edible gummies. All you have to do is reciprocate with a gift of financial recompense. A donation, if you will.

First off, let’s get something straight. These gummies contain bona fide, straight-up psilocybin. No amanita muscaria. No synthetic psilocybin. The real deal. Psilouette founder Derek Chase is a former corporate employee of Johnson & Johnson who also runs the CBD wellness company… individuals do not pay the company directly in exchange for gummies. Instead, after you place an order, you receive an email that notes a suggested donation… between 85% and 90% of people who place an order follow up with the suggested donation. “We don’t worry if people can’t afford it, if people don’t want to pay… at this point, it’s still very margin accretive… technically, nothing that we’re doing is legal… we know full well that this goes against what then DEA would classify as legal,” Derek added. His justification for providing the mushrooms appeared to hinge on a belief that the prohibition of psilocybin itself is illegal. “From a constitutional perspective, the scheduling of drugs is completely illegal,” he said.

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This company is selling psychedelic tea and gummies. We’re pretty sure it’s not legal
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