The journey from ecstasy to medicine: Rick Doblin’s long, strange MDMA trip

…this young man first learned of a drug called MDMA, still legal at the time. Little did he realize that this would be the beginning of a lifelong quest to legitimize a drug in the eyes of a world in which it would soon become taboo. This journey would take over 35 years …

Once the remarkable results from the Phase 2 studies began to filter out no one could deny the treatment’s incredible potential. The results of various worldwide trials targeted at patients with treatment resistant cases of PTSD showed that 55 percent of subjects were free of symptoms after two MDMA therapy sessions. The numbers increased to 61 percent after three sessions. Even more exciting were the long-term follow up studies showing that, instead of the effect of the treatment waning over time, it actually increased, with some subjects taking longer to exhibit positive responses. Twelve months after treatment a stunning 68 percent of subjects, who were classified as especially extreme and treatment-resistant, were considered free of any PTSD symptoms. This compared to a placebo control displaying an expected success rate of 23 percent. There was no doubt about it, MDMA was proving to be a remarkable PTSD treatment … After almost 35 years of prohibition, MDMA is soon to be available by prescription, and once this door is open it’s not hard to be excited about the possibilities that could come.

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The journey from ecstasy to medicine: Rick Doblin’s long, strange MDMA trip
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