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“On the death of a Eugene youth at a local addiction treatment center and in the defense of ethnobotanical plants such as Iboga, Kratom, and others. When the science is ignored, the people continue to suffer.”

Whenever a loved one is lost due to allegations of medical malpractice, pangs of anguish emerge. How can those we trust to care for our health possibly hurt us, or even allow us to die? Drugs have been an intense focus for scientific research and medical practice for many decades.  Benzodiazepines (drugs like alprazolam and diazepam) and opioids (e.g. morphine, oxycontin, codeine, suboxone) are nervous system depressants. As a former supervisor of a drug and alcohol detox clinic I administered them myself, hundreds of times. Give a client too many, especially in this combination, and breathing becomes so slow and labored that it all but stops.  Sometimes it does. And please understand, one pill does not by any means benefit all cases, despite the labels on the bottle.

*The suit lists more than 30 ways in which it alleges the treatment provider was negligent in its treatment…. The list includes allegations that the treatment provider chose not to appropriately train, monitor and supervise its employees; did not provide adequate staffing; improperly administered medications to the teenager; waited too long to call 911 after employees found her not breathing in her room; and chose “not to practice current evidence-based addiction treatment medicine.” The treatment provider in March moved from its longtime home near the University of Oregon to a new $28 million facility in Coburg. The agency has treated tens of thousands of people since opening in 1973. An official at the treatment provider told The Register-Guard in January that health insurance covers part or all of the cost for most patients, who are billed about $16,000 for a 28-day stay.

Read’s open letter to Serenity Lane in response to a tragic death at one of their facilities earlier this year (2016). 

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