Psychedelic patents: nature, IP law, & exclusion

…the private sector is hoping to capitalize on the ongoing medicalization of psychedelics through manufacturing, drug development, and clinical administration of these substances and their proprietary, patentable derivatives. It isn’t news that there are certain for-profit companies that have been openly challenged on their questionable practices in this process of monetization.

When examined closely… U.S. patent laws highlight a grave issue of ‘structural exclusion’ that may have contributed to the ongoing disparity… the potential is there for issues of structural exclusion to take hold. The psychedelic industry has already started to adopt practices of the mainstream pharma companies, whether effective or not. Advocates and activists, in the meantime, are trying to redefine those fine lines between ethical and unethical practices, and stop these problems from becoming a part of the… industry through public health research and related discussions.

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Psychedelic patents: nature, IP law, & exclusion
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