UNGASS 2016 meets

“I hope it [the Eugene Center for Ethnobotanical Studies] becomes a nationally known center soon.” -Jim Fadiman, PhD (author of The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide: Safe, Therapeutic, and Sacred Journeys)

Now the seed had sprouted. Whatever the outcome of UNGASS 2016, ECfES has positioned itself to become a local, grass-roots non-profit which will continue to champion and educate about the positive changes in drug law policy reform which will be laid forth by UNGASS 2016. We will achieve this by assisting the new policy implementation throughout Lane County by providing educational services. In some sense, we are beginning to build what Rick Strassman, MD described in an article some years ago as follows, “psychedelic centers ought to be established, where the full spectrum of scientific, religious, creative, artistic endeavor can be brought to bear on the psychedelic experience; where treatment, growth, heuristic studies can all occur under one roof”.

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UNGASS 2016 meets
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