Psychedelics group raises… [millions] from execs… for MDMA study

…hope to be granted FDA approval as early as 2022. Asked about the role that the localized psychedelics reform movement might have played in the fundraising campaign, MAPS Founder Rick Doblin… [said] that their research objectives and the activists’ legislative objectives have complemented each other.

“I really think that the movements are in parallel,” he said. “The decrim efforts further help to destigmatize and make this research more comfortable and help people feel more comfortable seeking out therapy with psychedelics.” That said, Doblin noted that “the decrim movement has only taken place after we’ve made a lot of progress with the research—and also the Hopkins team, the NYU teams, the other teams that have worked with psilocybin,” referring to studies from universities, including Johns Hopkins, which last year launched the nation’s first center devoted exclusively to studying psychedelic drugs. “That kind of preparation then changed a lot of peoples’ attitudes and then they moved towards decrim,” he said. “I think that does help. In fact, we’ve had some indications that that changing of attitudes has made it more comfortable, you could say, for regulators to move forward.”

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Psychedelics group raises $30 Million from execs At Godaddy, SpaceX And Others For MDMA Study
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