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Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) (on a call with former Pennsylvania Rep. Ryan Costello)… said that while he’s yet to meet with Anne Melissa Milgram [Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)], he looks forward to doing so and will convey that the psilocybin case “is a golden opportunity for that agency to get in step with what the trends are, with the medical research, with the promising therapies for areas that we desperately need, new and powerful approaches to use the benefit of the research to be able to do a reset, to not be trapped in the failed war on drug mentality.”

Blumenauer was asked about his experience with DEA on the issue and said that the agency has “a very troubled history with the failed war on drugs,” noting the waste of government resources that have poured into the effort. He said that DEA’s focus on scheduling drugs “flies in the face of what we need to have done with our research efforts.” “A criminal justice enforcement agency is not well-equipped” to handle this complex drug policy issue, the congressman said. “I’d like to just get them out of the equation. If I had my way, we would redirect resources in ways that would be much more effective and realistic.”

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Congressman blasts DEA over psychedelics scheduling at event with former GOP colleague
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