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The right to use psychedelic[s] is currently navigating through the legislature, with places like Oregon, Washington DC, [et al.] decriminalizing psychedelic plant-based drugs…

A revolution is sweeping mental health. Not since President Nixon declared war on drugs have researchers and traditional practitioners been able to share the results. The early data shows that plant-based therapy and psychedelic medicine have a very high efficacy rate… Big pharma sees it as a problem that you can’t patent a plant… [Patent Act 1977, Opinion Number 07/21, Opinion under Section 74A, Patent: GB2572023, Proprietor(s): Compass Pathways Limited, Exclusive Licensee: none, Requester: Kohn & Associates PLCC, on behalf of Freedom to Operate Inc., Observer(s): Equipped 4 (IP) Limited, Date Opinion issued: 28 July 2021, The request: the comptroller has been requested to issue an opinion as to whether the granted patent GB 2572023 B (hereafter “the patent”) having a priority date of 9.10.17 is valid having regard to novelty or inventive step… The United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office issued an opinion regarding a Compass patent directed to its so-called “Polymorph A.” Opinion 53. In summary [Examiner] consider[s] that claims 1, 3 and 10-20 are not inventive, based on Folen and Nichols. That Opinion was issued in response to a request by Freedom to Operate asking the UK IP Office to consider the validity of the patent in light of prior scientific publications, particularly an article by Dr. Folen in the Journal of Forensic Science and by well-known psychedelic chemist Dr. David Nichols. The Opinion found that many of the claims of the Compass patent were not inventive, including the broadest claim directed to its “Polymorph A”, in light of these publications. The new UK Opinion is from a knowledgeable UK patent examiner and support’s FTO’s position that there can can be no valid patent on the known forms of psilocybin. Patents in the psychedelic space should be carefully limited to only truly new inventions. The Opinion is publicly available and can be downloaded… FTO is committed to defending the right of the public to use various forms of synthetic psilocybin made for many years and used by researchers in human clinical trials well before Compass filed its patent applications. FTO’s research strongly suggests that Compass did not discover any new crystal forms of psilocybin in the course of conducting its scale-up research… [Compass replied, “We have received a non-binding opinion from the UK IP Office, questioning aspects of some of the claims in one of our granted UK patents. The opinion came in response to a “Request for opinion” from a third party and is just that: a non-binding opinion. The opinion does not invalidated our patent or any of its claims. We remain confident in the strength and defensibility of our patents.”] …according to UK law, Compass now has 3 months to respond to the Opinion and apply for a review.

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Opinion under section 74A & Plant-medicine making inroads in mental health
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