Paul Stamets… US patent… covers combinations of psilocybin and lion’s mane extract, alone and with niacin, has been issued… is now the subject of a drug development push by Stamets’… Paul Stamets will be issued a… patent exploring the medicinal properties of psilocybin, a major psychoactive component of the Psilocybe mushrooms that now bear his name… psilocybe stametsii.

Stamets persuaded the examiner that his claims were to more than natural products, by amending them to recite “pharmaceutical formulations” and “pharmaceutical dosage forms” (these “are not natural phenomena” and “distinguish the claims from a mere assembly of natural products”), and by submitting an affidavit demonstrating that the combination of compounds “provides a synergistic effect that is not expected based on what is known in the prior art,” and is thus “markedly different from the naturally occurring components.”

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Stamets… patented & There’s a new species of magic mushroom – named after Paul Stamets
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