How do we reform the police? We talked about it with Neill Franklin, a former cop

“As cops educate more cops and prosecutors educate more prosecutors, the sooner the madness ends.”

By talking about the many byproducts of the war on drugs (over incarceration, civil forfeiture, police militarization, poor police community relations, overdose deaths, immigration, etc.), we can paint a correlation for people. This reformation also creates an atmosphere for increased recruitment of more law enforcement professionals, which is an absolute must for communicating our message….What do most police officers really think about the war on drugs?…Eighty plus percent of police chiefs admit that the war on drugs has failed, but as a chief, you must tow the mayor’s party line of prohibition. Even though they believe that the WOD has failed, most do not support legalization of all drugs. I believe that maybe half support legalizing marijuana. Most of the men and women on the street get it. They see the damage done first hand on many levels….If you could say one thing to police officers who are true believers of prohibition, what would it be?…It would be a question or two. What are the positive aspects of the war on drugs? Are there fewer drugs available to kids? Has violent crime been greatly reduced? Have we experienced a decline in overdose deaths? Is it saving the country money? Think about it!

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How do we reform the police? We talked about it with Neill Franklin, a former cop
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