…police are raiding psychedelic mushroom stores…

…shroomeries clearly qualify as risky business… in the last four weeks, police in… North American cities have raided and shut down stores selling psychedelic mushrooms.

[In 2020] police in San Francisco busted a mushroom [church] in Haight-Ashbury. Shroom House opened its doors on Oct. 24 [2022 and were raided on Dec. 8, 2022]. On Nov. 12 [2022], Canadian police raided Shroomyz, a psychedelic mushroom shop operating in Toronto.

Original Article (Leafly):
Here’s why police are raiding psychedelic mushroom stores in major cities
Artwork Fair Use: G. Petri, P. Expert, F. Turkheimer, R. Carhart-Harris, D. Nutt, P. J. Hellyer and F. Vaccarino


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