The FDA is taking AIM at a Southeast Asian herb…

In 2017, research published (pdf) in the journal Neuropharmacology concluded that more research needed to be done on kratom, but that available evidence has not shown that any deaths have occurred due to use of kratom alone.

Dr. Gottlieb’s far-reaching claims & untested computer models show how desperate they are to influence an outright ban. -American Kratom Association … On Feb. 8, the group sent a letter (pdf) addressed to Kellyanne Conway, appointed as “opioid czar” by [the current] US president, asking the administration to intervene. Since December 2017, Conway has led a White House commission—described as a skeleton crew of political appointees—to tackle the US opioid crisis. The group that has recently been engulfed in controversy as health experts have accused the commission of ignoring scientifically-backed policy proposals.

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The FDA is taking aim at a Southeast Asian herb…
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