Meet the Colorado moms who microdose mushrooms

Tracey Tee had never experimented with illicit drugs, but from what she had heard, the experience of taking a small dose of a psilocybin mushroom seemed different from the ‘60’s-style psychedelic trip the substance is best known for. Once she took the plunge and swallowed her first capsule of a ground-up mushroom, Tee knew she’d found aid to her life’s stress.

Shayna Bryan, a Denver woman and a member of Moms on Mushrooms, began microdosing in April, after an initial class from Tee’s group. Bryan said the other moms in the group seemed to mirror her struggles as a parent, which is what ultimately made her feel safe enough to try microdosing. “Everyone has to kind of deal with the same challenges when it comes to motherhood and all of us were kind of looking for something,” Bryan said. “It was really wonderful to watch the other women in the course see the medicine start to work.”

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Meet the Colorado moms who microdose mushrooms
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