…[potentially reverse engineerable synthetic psilocybin “mushrooms” patent] made one investor $316 million

“A very special tattoo – actually my first one ever – for a very special day…” -[said Christian Angermayer]… “Palantir is going public, meaning they will be able to make money on Wall Street while working [with] ICE,” MSC wrote in a tweet.

Many of the outside backers that Angermayer brought into Compass are also investors in ATAI. Among them are [Trump ally] Peter Thiel… Palantir Technologies Inc. is expected to be valued at nearly $22 billion in its Wall Street debut as the data-mining firm faces fresh backlash over its role in helping facilitate deportations in the U.S. The networking-savvy investor introduced Compass founders George Goldsmith and Ekaterina Malievskaia to Lars Wilde, who now serves as the company’s president. Angermayer controls his Compass stake through ATAI Life Sciences AG, a psychedelic medicine company he founded in 2018.

Original Article (Bloomberg and Forbes):
A bet on magic mushrooms made one investor $316 million richer & Palantir expected to be valued at nearly $22 Billion as firm faces protests…
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