Kratom, marijuana can help people kick opiates, addiction expert says

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“With the rising rates of deaths by overdoses, we need to have all options on the table. And certainly, removing one [like Kratom] that’s non-toxic and non-lethal makes no sense at all.”

How is kratom used in the treatment approach developed by Greener Pastures, where Gullikson teams with her husband, program director Ron Figaratto? “It really comes into play in the early stages of acute opiate withdrawal, where the symptoms are most harmful,” she replies. “People use kratom to address the most severe symptoms, and it works to alleviate pain and the stomach issues that come with opiate withdrawal. It’s almost part of the detox process, where they finally stop taking the opiate and have nothing in their system. It works great in this early stage.” In the beginning, “we start with a higher dose of kratom, which may seem somewhat paradoxical,” she goes on. “It’s … unique and individual to every person. But at higher doses, kratom most closely replicates the effect they’re getting from opiates, even though it’s herbal. It connects to the delta opioid receptors in the brain and soothes the body, soothes the mind and eases the acute withdrawal symptoms. And at higher doses, it also serves to avoid the dope sickness that is typical in early recovery from opiates.” As clients move deeper into recovery, Gullikson continues, “our goal is to knock that dose down — decrease it over time so a person doesn’t become dependent on it. It’s not a replacement for opiates. It’s a tool to quit them.” … [as for “dependence” on kratom] … Gullikson sees kratom as infinitely less addictive than heroin and other drugs her clients want to rid from their lives — so much so that she compares it to the sort of stuff served at your friendly neighborhood Starbucks. “Some people can become dependent on kratom for two simple reasons,” she allows. “One is that it works, and as humans, we’re naturally attracted to anything that works. But it’s also a plant in the coffee family, and coffee can have that effect, too.”

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Kratom, Marijuana Can Help People Kick Opiates, Addiction Expert Says
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