Melbourne, [Australia], heroin injecting room trial gets green light

Residents and shopkeepers in North Richmond have been calling all year for such a facility, which has the support of paramedics, nurses and firefighters’ unions, and the police union recently announced they no longer oppose it.

Vote 1 Local Jobs MP James Purcell expressed strong support on Monday for an injecting room trial. “The research shows in other places they work well,” Mr Purcell said. “They don’t have the negative impact that everyone fears they would have. “I think it would save lives.” Mr Purcell’s vote, as well as those of the Greens and Reason Party MP Fiona Patten, who has a bill legalising the injecting room already before parliament, gives the government the upper house numbers it needs to open an injecting room.

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Melbourne heroin injecting room trial gets green light
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