[Politicians] call for a hearing on Jeff Sessions anti-marijuana policy

Jeff Sessions failed “to provide any evidence that prosecuting marijuana in states where it has been legalized will make Americans safer.”

“The costs of pursuing this misguided policy both in terms of prosecution and in lives blighted by unnecessary criminal convictions are staggering, cruel and unwarranted,” said Rep. Steve Cohen, a Democrat from Tennessee who signed the letter. He added, “As I told Jeff Sessions when he appeared before the Judiciary Committee, prosecution of marijuana has an opportunity cost, namely that resources wasted on marijuana cases aren’t being used to prosecute opioid sellers, and crack, meth and heroin dealers.” … Several Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee either come from states with legal marijuana or have expressed support for legalization. Rep. Ted Lieu, a Democrat from California who signed the letter, cited bipartisan support as a reason for holding a hearing. He said the Democrats reached out across the aisle when drafting the letter, but Republicans chose instead to send their own letter expressing their concerns directly to [the current President], who promised on the campaign trail to respect state decisions on marijuana.

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[Politicians] call for a hearing on Jeff Sessions anti-marijuana policy
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