Jeff Sessions to end legal marijuana policy…

Jeff Sessions has just shown “how out of touch he is with scientists and taxpayers” and that siccing federal prosecutors on pot offenders will just needlessly jam the jails with more prisoners, said Jasmine Taylor of Human Rights Watch.

“This will no doubt spike arrests and fuel mass incarceration, largely for people of color, but this administration has been clear from their campaign promises of harsh policies that trample rights that this day would eventually come to pass,” Taylor said. “The war on drugs, whether it went away or just slowed down, is now back.” Amy Margolis of Greenspoon Marder, which has a cannabis practice, warned Sessions’ order “sets up a serious potential battle between the states with legalization and United States attorneys who decide to enforce federal law against the will of the voters and, in some cases, state legislatures.” “This battle will, unfortunately, play out in the courts while businesses or individuals are facing criminal charges for engaging in conduct that is legal in their state,” Margolis said in an email to NBC News. “And, in large states, like California, federal law could be applied differently in different districts resulting in patchwork prosecutions even within state lines.”

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Jeff Sessions to end marijuana policy
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