Does smoking cannabis make you dumber?

Although I could start with some of the typical effects people usually experience from smoking cannabis, I think that, at this point, it is more important to note what the science says – both in the short and long run… Yes, cannabis affects your brain, but nobody knows how exactly.

Basically, there is evidence to support the claims that there is some kind of alternation while one is being “high,” however, there is no common ground as for the plant’s long-term effects on the body and brain. I guess it all comes down to personal experience. Every single human brain is different, thus nobody would know how smoking will affect a particular person, without examining her/his brain in advance. Even after doing so, there is a slight chance that the researcher could predict what effect the cannabinoid will have. Moreover, currently, there are hundreds of different strains of pot, thus meaning that each one will have a different effect on the user. My guess is that it’s highly individualistic.

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Does smoking cannabis make you dumber ?
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