Canada is still using the military to eradicate “illegal” weed crops

The enforcement of cannabis legalization has been a boon to police budgets across Canada… The Canadian Armed Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are continuing their annual joint search-and-destroy mission against illegal outdoor cannabis grows — another example of how the war against the plant is alive and well, despite legalization.

Under Canada’s legal recreational weed regime, only those with government licences are allowed to produce and distribute the product. Some jurisdictions allow adults to grow up to four plants at home for personal consumption. Medical growers also require a licence. That all means that producers who had been illicitly growing cannabis, sometimes hidden in farmers’ fields, are still running afoul of the law… lawyers have warned that police could increase their use of civil forfeiture when going after people who violate the vast number of new cannabis-related laws that have been implemented.

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Canada is still using the military to eradicate illegal weed crops
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