Activists in Oregon fight for cannabis consumption lounges

“Most states already have an Indoor Clean Air Act, which prevents cigarette smoking inside,” Martinez tells High Times. “After legalization passed in Oregon, someone specifically added cannabinoids to the state’s Indoor Clean Air Act, so we would like to get that reversed.

The bill would not only allow stand-alone cannabis cafes, it would also permit licensed retailers to add tasting and consumption lounges at their location. Additionally, the new law will allow temporary event licenses for regulated cannabis consumption at public events, and make space for unique businesses such as cannabis spas and bud and breakfasts … Who the bill benefits [according to High Times] … People of color, low income residents, and patients who rent property face a ton of problems when it comes to consuming cannabis. They often have to break the law to smoke in their house, as marijuana-use is prohibited from any federal or government-related housing. But it’s a catch-22 because, if a consumer goes outside to medicate, they’re more vulnerable to arrests. Homeowners, by contrast, don’t have to worry as much about the issues surrounding consumption; and in general, this demographic tends to be less marginalized than the aforementioned.

Original Article (High Times):
Activists in Oregon fight for cannabis consumption lounges
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