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The DEA scheduling system is a joke

Let’s get some more really obvious stuff out of the way: most, if not all, of these substances have well-documented medical use. As a thought experiment, let’s pretend that the DEA rescheduled and the FDA approved your medicine of choice tonight.

Most people focus on how ridiculous it is to lump heroin, LSD, and cannabis into the same category. That’s as obvious as saying we shouldn’t use the same regulations for baseball gloves, avocados, and uranium enrichment… Reducing drug policy down to defining “good” substances and “bad” substances is missing the entire… point. Rather, we should focus on how to maximize the benefits and how to minimize the harms of substances. And every substance is different… We know that Schedule I drugs indeed have medical use, and we shouldn’t have to wait for the DEA and FDA to approve them in order to choose how to treat ourselves.

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The DEA Scheduling System is a joke
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