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Why we need to destroy the concept of what a drug user looks like

When we find out someone who doesn’t fit that dirty, scabbed, disheveled description has used drugs or become addicted to them, it shatters our narrative.

We need to support each person who use drugs regardless of how they look; their socioeconomic status; their age; their race; if they live in the suburbs, in a small town, in a city. We need to address access to treatment, increase harm reduction initiatives, consider the causes of addiction (such as trauma and mental health issues), and break down the widespread discrimination against drug users rampant in our society. Let’s start by destroying the concept of what someone who consumes drugs looks like because just as every human being is unique and different from one another, so is drug use and the impact it has on our lives.

Original Article (Vice):
Why We Need to Destroy the Concept of What a Drug User Looks Like
Artwork Fair Use: Hermann Rorschach

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