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Beyond psychedelics

Many people disagree with making psychedelics available only to a select group of people: those that pass through eligibility screenings or have the financial resources to receive treatment … We already know that prohibition has never been able to get rid of psychedelics, or rather, the need to explore and change our consciousness.

We may as well accept this need as a part of our nature, and look for ways to integrate and satisfy it successfully. I believe that we cannot be successful in doing so until we accept the wide variety of use for what it is: a beautifully and necessarily diverse field, enabling everyone to talk about their experience openly and without judgement, regardless of whether you are a university professor or college student, a psychonaut, a health professional, or a patient … I have seen many contexts under which psychedelics were used, and have heard hundreds stories of psychedelic experiences. I have witnessed many different perspectives, ranging from the anxiously careful to the extremely relaxed approach that psychedelics are good and safe for almost everyone, in any situation. I have my own beliefs, but as I cannot be sure, I don’t feel competent in judging anyone else … I have also learned that in order to decide who is right, I would need to know much more than what is readily available. So I decided to accept this diversity, and to observe, and explore it – without judging. Learning more about what each of these different practices can offer me, you, my friends, my family, our society, and this planet – and what they can take from us. I invite you along for this sightseeing journey. It has lead to my deep respect for the entire spectrum of users and providers. From those considered crazy for spreading this experience to thousands of people, to those working hard in tiring clinical trials.

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Beyond psychedelics (Psychedelic Chaos by Rita Kočárová)
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