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Harm reduction does not condone risky behavior

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…countries are starting to recognize, and work to implement, harm reduction strategies to keep its citizens safe. For the first time this summer, some of Britain’s largest festivals and live music events are aiming to introduce drug testing for attendees with the support of local police forces…. “It’s really exciting that police are prioritizing health and safety over criminal justice at festivals,” stated Fiona Measham, founder of The Loop.

Drug use will always happen, regardless of the laws in place. And without proper regulation of the black market, those who choose to use drugs face higher risks of death due to adulterated substances. This is why harm reduction is vital–it accepts, for better or worse, that licit and illicit drug use is part of the world and it addresses this fact by working to minimize its harmful effects rather than simply ignoring or condemning it. So, by providing harm reduction to drug users, it is not encouraging people to use drugs, it is meeting people where they’re at, and providing them the tools and information they need to make healthier and informed lifestyle choices.

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Harm Reduction Does Not Condone Risky Behavior
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