Group urges safe use of psychedelic substances

Tyo said one of the roles of the Psychedelic Society isn’t necessarily promoting psychedelic… use, but if someone is using it urges people to do it in a safe and informed way. -Richard Tyo, a registered psychotherapist and member of the Kingston Psychedelic Society,

In the hope of spreading awareness of the therapeutic benefits of MDMA [sassafras] … one local psychotherapist is encouraging Kingstonians to explore and discuss the opportunities of psychedelic drugs. Tyo said he is hyperaware of the various opinions on the use of drugs. He said the society is a well-informed group interested in the therapeutic possibilities of psychedelic substances. “It’s different researchers in town, I work in front-line mental health, It’s different social workers, it’s university students, it’s artists,” Tyo said. “It’s a variety of different people that are very intrigued by these substances, because they do a lot of things in therapy that we can’t do in normal therapy because there are so many blocks that people have.”

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Group urges safe use of psychedelic substances
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