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Kratom trade association…

At least three million people in America use kratom. They came out by the thousands a few years ago (2016) when the Drug Enforcement Agency tried to make kratom a Schedule I drug, putting in a category with drugs like heroin…

“Over 33,000 comments that they (DEA) received in a 30-day period,” Brambila explained. The DEA reversed their decision, in an unprecedented move. Branbila believes the DEA’s retreat eventually led to the beginning of the Food and Drug Administration’s increased scrutiny. “The overreach that have been used for this particular product fro the FDA is definitely of concern,” Brambila says. “I definitely say there is a serious bias for this product right now. The FDA is coming up with a lot of information that may not represent the product as accurately as it could be presented.”

Original Article (WKYT):
Kratom Trade Association: There is serious bias for this product
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