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How to use a pill testing kit, according to experts

According to Guy, the most important step to take when you’re testing your drugs is running them through multiple different reagent tests. Because a Marquis test will react to different chemical groups than, say, an Ehrlich reagent, doing multiple tests helps give a fuller picture of whether the molecule you’re working with… and warn you if there’s an adulterant in there.

While they can sometimes pick up common adulterants, the rise of novel grey market psychotropics and other synthetics can prove hard to test for. This is just one reason many doctors, politicians, police, and drug experts are calling for professional pill testing to be introduced in Australia. If Australia introduced a model similar to what’s seen around Europe, as well as in the US and Canada, you could go to a pill testing tent at a festival and quickly get a full breakdown of what’s inside your drugs. But it’s an approach that relies on the police getting onboard—most services operate with a “police amnesty” that ensures no one gets arrested entering or leaving the testing tent. This also allows services to set up safe bins where people can dispose of their drugs, if they find they contain something they don’t want to take.

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How to Use a Pill Testing Kit, According to Experts
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