The psychedelic renaissance is here. Will it last this time?

If you are a proponent of psychedelic medicine, then nearly every major finding, newspaper headline, and governmental reevaluation of recent years has been music to your ears. Initial results from studies have been breathtakingly positive … convincing an anti-drug society to accept such a radical new viewpoint, and to do so with evidence, ethics, and scientific backing, will take work for scientists and citizens alike.

First, people on both sides need to be aware of the pre-conceived notions we bring to the debate. Sometimes biases can be instructive – the researchers who first forged this path followed their belief that psychedelics are important and useful, even before they had rigorous evidence to back up their claims. But this faith is a double-edged sword, and we must remain truly willing to reconsider beliefs in light of new evidence, or it will be impossible to convince the broader public to do the same. Second, researchers in this field have a remarkable opportunity, and responsibility, to properly communicate their findings and recommendations with the public, a task that will be vital for psychedelics to achieve not only medical, but cultural, integration. It is important to remember psychedelics are not the ultimate panacea for treating mental health concerns.

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The psychedelic renaissance is here. Will it last this time?
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