Will psychedelic therapy transform mental health care?

Rehab centers for substance use and eating disorders could empty out as more people turn to psychedelics. Again, we’re not at this point yet. But such is the promise of psychedelic medicine.

If the research pans out, the world of mental health care may look very different in the coming decades. Psychedelic treatment won’t be available for just anyone, and recreational psychedelic use may still be banned. But those with certain illnesses could seek treatment from a psychiatrist specially certified in psychedelic therapy. Just a few treatment sessions a year might be enough to provide lasting relief from their issues. People with mood disorders, including those who are unresponsive to conventional therapies, might be able to ditch their antidepressants and antianxiety medications. Those with terminal illness could enjoy their remaining days without the fear of death looming over them, while people with PTSD could return to a normal life unobstructed by paralyzing flashbacks.

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Will psychedelic therapy transform mental health care?
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