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Report: cannabis industry will create 250K jobs by 2020

Jobs in the legal cannabis industry are on track to outpace those in the manufacturing, utilities, and government sectors, according to a New Frontier report outlined by Forbes. By 2020, the cannabis market is expected to create more than 250,000 jobs; while the Bureau of Labor Statistics expects manufacturing jobs to decrease by 814,000, utility jobs to decrease by 47,000, and a 383,000 decline in government jobs by 2024.

“We expect the cannabis industry’s growth to be slowed down to some degree in the next three to five years, however with a projected total market sales to exceed $24 billion by 2025, and the possibility of almost 300,000 jobs by 2020, it remains a positive economic force in the U.S.,” he said in the report. According to a Marijuana Business Daily report cited by Forbes, the industry already employs between 100,000 and 150,000 workers.

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Report: Cannabis Industry Will Create 250K Jobs by 2020
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