In the declaration of Yarinacocha, Shipibo healers organize to resist spiritual extractivism

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The fallout from the murder of Maestra Arévalo Lomas is emblematic of a common problem, what we are framing as spiritual extractivism.

NGOs have left, foreigners have forgotten, and ayahuasca tourism is doing what ayahuasca tourism does – come in, get the medicine, feel unified with the universe, go back. However, as the state prosecutors issued the first orders of preventive detention, whilst barring the settlement’s leaders to leave the area, the indigenous community is left with no choice. It cannot up and leave. It is there still, trapped, beleaguered, haunted and traumatized by the events, by the continuing policing of their community, fearful of any foreigner coming in, awaiting injunctions of the court without any resources to pay for legal fees, for schooling, for the care of children and families who have been affected. has issued a public statement regarding the afformentioned HEREin Feb. 2018 and encourages local, sustainable policy to address access to ethnobotanical psychedelics, as well as appropriate funding of educational measures to ensure safety.  The ECfES Conservatory is a local, grass-roots effort to develop sustainable, non-profit conservation efforts, ensuring right relationships with the plants grow, from seed to ceremony and/or ritualistically celebratory.  Local soil, local hands, local practice and traditions.  Rooted in Oregon.

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In the declaration of Yarinacocha, shipibo healers organize to resist spiritual extractivism
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