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5 myths about psychedelics that we need to stop spreading

Psychedelics can make almost any idea feel like a life-changing epiphany, but these ideas need to be scrutinized post-trip to separate the gemstones from the fool’s gold … In order to use psychedelics to their full potential both individually and collectively, we need to be brutally honest about what they are, and what they aren’t. (eg. some people simply aren’t built in such a way as to respond favorably to psychedelics).

It’s not all blissful oneness and cosmic epiphanies. On one hand I realized this early on after a couple of “bad trips.” On the other hand, though, I was still subscribing to a number of dogmatic myths about psychedelics for years. It was painful to realize that my treasured psychedelics weren’t all I had thought them to be. But it was also very necessary to gain a more nuanced, realistic picture of psychedelics. This understanding allows me to advocate for psychedelics in a more reasonable, responsible way.

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5 Myths About Psychedelics That We Need to Stop Spreading
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