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Why… grow your own mushrooms

One way to ensure access is for individuals to become psychedelically/entheogenically/ethnobotanically self-sufficient by growing psilocybin mushrooms at home… with Denver, Oakland and Santa Cruz all having decriminalized psilocybin mushrooms… home cultivation for personal use… by growing for yourself, you… reward yourself with the peace of mind of consuming something that you’ve been in full control of [cultivating].

With the right know-how and a few easily sourced (or, indeed, home-built) pieces of equipment [and naturally occurring forms], you could potentially produce well over 100 times the amount of mushrooms you could [procure elsewhere] for the same price…. [some] growers have reduced these drawbacks by spreading them between a group of like-minded and trusted individuals, effectively setting up self-sufficient magic mushroom collectives.

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Why you should grow your own mushrooms
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