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A glimpse of life… magic mushroom [integration]

America’s coming debate over psychedelics will be fierce; fears of public health and moral decline will swirl around the national conversation.

It was a fun week. One morning, I went to a microdose yoga class, where students, some of whom had very little experience with drugs, were served a few truffles to munch on before a cathartic round of stretching. Students moved from cobra to downward dog, as ceremonial cocoa and psychedelics pumped through their system. Afterwards, in a circle, they shared their experiences with the group and lounged around afterwards to make new friends.  It was as normal as any yoga class I’ve attended, with the exception that a Schedule 1 drug was served, which, in America, might have prompted a S.W.A.T. team to bust through the doors and arrest our teachers as drug traffickers.

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A glimpse of life after magic mushroom legalization
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