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Michael Pollan wants you to get ready for the psychedelic renaissance

​When psychedelic moments are directed correctly, ‘trips’ have the potential to provide incredible relief for a variety of mental illness … Many people have trouble believing it, but psychedelics are remarkably safe drugs. There is no known lethal dose of psilocybin and LSD. If the drug kills the user, it’s not because the dose is toxic, but because the person did something foolish while under the influence… [it is] when people take hallucinogens inattentively do they have accidents.​

Brain scans have revealed that the default mode network — the portion of the brain that conducts all brain activity, and when overactive can result in depression or social phobias — is turned off during a psychedelic experience, allowing regions of the brain that don’t usually communicate with each other to converse and let the drug effectively rewire the brain. The ego temporally relinquishes control, and the unregulated unconsciousness enters an observable space in a process surprisingly similar to experienced meditation. One of the more powerful capabilities of psychedelics is their power to eliminate fear. Studies reveal that a single guided psilocybin session is enough to remove depression from as many as 80 percent of cancer patients.

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Michael Pollan Wants You To Get Ready For The Psychedelic Renaissance
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