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On decriminalizing Magic mushrooms: The psychedelic constituency…

*Global distribution of pschoactive species of Psilocybe genus mushrooms 2017

A functioning campaign to pass a psychedelic decriminalization initiative is, in and of itself, a major evolution in the political reality of psychedelics and the people who use them.

Anything tending to show the existence of voter support for psychedelic law reform would have been a win. If the vote tally had stayed where it was on May 7, a 54%-46% defeat would have been a good outcome. A 52%-48% defeat would’ve been very good, and 51%-49% loss would’ve been a major declaration that policymakers need to take seriously the issue of psychedelics regulation. However, none of those explanations are necessary since the psychedelic constituency scored a well-publicized first victory and demonstrated that it can succeed at the local and state levels.

Original Article (Freedom Leaf):
On Decriminalizing Magic Mushrooms: The Psychedelic Constituency and Its Challenges
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