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[Do] pro and anti-marijuana people seem to live in different worlds[?]

Cannabis, like all psychoactive drugs, puts the user on a different level from the sober person, or from people on other drugs. That creates a distance. Drunk people can talk to each other wonderfully; two dudes on acid see the same visual distortions but for a dude who’s wasted [on liquor] to talk to a dude who’s tripping [on psilocybin mushrooms]…

I was in New Orleans on April 20, the pot holiday. Most of the city was its usual drunk, raucous self, rollicking to jazz music and yelling and puking and fighting. But around the corner was a line for Reggae, and around another corner was a line for Shpongle, and everyone in those lines smelled baked and they stood quietly, calmly, peacefully, staring into the distance.  Partly because booze walloped me and my family, I felt a desire to mansplain to my companion why the high group was better, less rowdy, more civil. “See, more pot and less drink, the world is a more peaceful place!”…  [But why] can’t New Orleans be drunk on this corner and high on that one and sober on another and tripping on a fourth?

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 Pro and anti-marijuana people seem to live in different worlds
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