DEA’s hemp and CBD rules raise concerns about potential crackdown…

The theory is that DEA could presumably take action against hemp extract manufacturers during this stage, before the business is able to dilute the THC to be in compliance … “I think that that’s what makes this so dangerous,” he said. “It’s kind of a combination of the ambiguity in the 2018 Farm Bill itself, this rule that doesn’t take into account the interim processing and then just the history of the DEA.”

“The general idea was that if no one addressed it publicly then it would never come to light,” he said. “Unfortunately, it has finally come to light in the form of an official DEA rule. As usual, the DEA has taken the wrong position. This time, its position is an existential threat to the hemp/CBD industry.” Daniel Shortt, a business attorney at the cannabis-focused law firm Harris Bricken, shares concerns about DEA’s IFR… he doesn’t “give the DEA the benefit of the doubt because they have just historically fought against any shrinking of their jurisdiction.”

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DEA’s hemp and CBD rules raise concerns about potential crackdown, industry insiders say
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