Proposed 10% THC limit in Washington State could wreck its entire weed industry

We know alcohol contributes to psychosis, violence, and antisocial behaviors. If we’re going to put limits on THC content, why are ultra-potent alcohol products like Everclear, well, in the clear? 

If HB 2546 becomes law, it would only have one real winner: Washington State’s government. Low potency weed products means regular consumers would need to buy much, much more to maintain the same level of intoxication as older products could. While the industry would have to foot all of the costs, the state would bank on increased tax revenues by legally mandating weak… pot products … So, why even impose this THC limit? … “Greater educational efforts should be made so that would-be customers better understand the potential side-effects associated with great potency products,” he continued. “By contrast, banning these products will only drive producers and customers underground, which is not in the interest of public safety.” Besides pushing consumers toward an unregulated illicit market, this 10-percent cap would pose some serious financial problems for an industry that’s already struggling with high taxes and excessive regulations. For instance, most marijuana flower contains anywhere from 15 to 30 percent THC. This new rule would require all of Washington’s licensed pot growers to start over and develop entirely new genetics for plants that consistently generate less than 10 percent THC. 

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Proposed 10% THC limit in Washington State could wreck its entire weed industry
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