China is blaming Canada for its cannabis problem but is producing 50% of the world’s supply

You won’t hear any talk of legalization in China soon. China’s history, drug wars, and communist control have left citizens convinced that drugs are personally and socially evil … China still bans cultivation, transport, sale, and possession … [The Chinese Government] holds over 600 patents on cannabis applications. 

In Hong Kong, manufacturing cannabis or any other drug included in the city’s Dangerous Drugs Ordinance is deemed the most serious of all drug-related offenses. Any person who cultivates any plant of the genus cannabis faces an HK$100,000 fine and 15 years in prison. Still, the amount of cannabis seized by Hong Kong police increase 230% in the just the first 10 months of 2017.

Original Article (Forbes):
 China Is Blaming Canada For Its Cannabis Problem But Is Producing 50% Of The World’s Supply
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