Addiction specialists ponder a potential aid: pot

“There’s no scientific reason to believe that somebody is better off being completely miserable and sober than using cannabis occasionally, or even fairly regularly, as an adult and being functional and happy and productive,” said Dr. Reiman, an unpaid consultant with High Sobriety, who added, “Using cannabis is a relatively safe practice.”

“Every single treatment center knows it, and we know it,’’ Mr. Welch said. “Some of us have had the same clients, five, 10, 15 times over. We say: ‘We just can’t reach Billy, we just can’t reach Joe.’” Why not, he said, try marijuana to help take the edge off for clients who “can’t face the emotional threshold” of abstinence. “People are dying,” he said. His co-founder, Joe Schrank, argued that marijuana will not kill patients as opiates do. But it does help clients sleep, relax and develop an appetite. The drug, he said, gives addicts some sense of emotional control.

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Addiction Specialists Ponder a Potential Aid: Pot
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