Would you pay more for “fair-trade” cocaine?

Just for fun we will also figure out if vegans would be more likely pay for fair trade cocaine than meat eaters.

Existing laws mean it is hard to have honest conversations about drugs. Ideology blinds many people to accept the reality that for many people, drug use plays an important and positive role in their lives, often for a few years, and that for the overwhelming majority of people, drug use is an episodic and pretty rare activity. We want to know, would you pay more for cocaine if you knew it came from a regulated (even fair trade) market, without the inherent destruction and chaos of an illegal market. And if so, how much more would you pay? The Global Commission on Drug Policy was set up by former heads of state and high-level former UN officials in response to the ongoing human costs of failed drug policies. They have recently put forward alternatives for control, alternatives that would help combat the harms on democracy and diminish the destructive power of organised crime that causes hundreds of thousands of deaths each year, loss of opportunities for those caught up in gangs and communities that find themselves powerless to harness the financial value of their crop. Based on this, in March 2018, our Global Drug Survey partners in Colombia and Mexico suggested we include some questions about whether people who use cocaine would be willing to pay more for ‘ethical’ or ‘fair trade’ cocaine. We thought this was a very interesting question. SURVEY

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Would you pay more for fair trade cocaine?
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